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Comprehensive security services –
reliable protection for your company


Comprehensive security services –
reliable protection for your company

We are your flexible partner for all security-related issues

Our security services include conventional property protection and personal security as well as technical security aspects. We offer both reliable and plannable service - on request we can also provide tailor-made and short-term solutions for the security needs of your company.  

Our trained and qualified security staff carry out all services in a professional and customer-oriented manner.

Do you have any questions about security and surveillance? We will thoroughly inform you in preliminary stages and offer you demand-oriented services at the highest standard. Contact us directly via the contact form or arrange an appointment with us.

Object protection

Our company offers professional security services to protect your employees and to secure your property, premises and building.

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Property protection, plant security, industrial plant monitoring, alarm system monitoring


Security and protection are vitally important in the retail trade

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retail security, shop detective, professional doorman, shop security, shop protection

Patrol and intervention services

Around-the-clock protection for your property with our patrol guard service 

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round-the-clock protection, regular patrols, regular patrols

Technical security

Technical security: making full use of your technology 

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appropriate security technology, alarm system protection, CCTV, burglary protection, video surveillance, surveillance camera

Occupational safety

Work and operating equipment must be regularly checked for stability and safety

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Occupational safety, services for occupational safety, VdS certified fire protection officer, testing of ladder

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