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A doorman in retail for more security

Security and protection are vitally important in the retail trade. The presence of a doorman/doorlady in front of or inside retail shops not only increases the safety of employees, but also enhances the well-being of your customers. Guests and visitors to your sales outlet can see that you, as a retailer, are actively committed to the safety of your customers: Shopping with a good feeling!  

We consistently support the special security needs of the retail trade through the presence of professional doormen and doorladies, but also through the targeted deployment of trained shop detectives.

A doorman or a door lady represents your business; the mere presence of security staff in the entrance area has a deterrent effect on potential offenders and can thus prevent crime. At the same time, our employees impress with their friendly and confident appearance, with which they welcome customers and guests as the first point of contact in your business. We attach great importance to respectful and professional behaviour.  

As an absolutely reliable and customer-oriented security service provider, we work to the highest standards and always meet your company's security and service requirements.

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