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Occupational safety

Racks, ladders, steps, hold-open systems ...

Work and operating equipment must be regularly checked for stability and safety in order to minimise hazards to occupational safety and health of employees. An occupational safety specialist carries out comprehensive inspections at statutory regular intervals.

B.W.R. Security GmbH offers you various occupational safety services: Our qualified employees inspect racks, ladders and steps, hold-open systems, fire doors and gates as well as portable electrical equipment (as "EuP", i.e. electrotechnically instructed persons). A VdS-certified fire protection officer advises you as a central contact person on fire protection issues in your company. Prevention and emergency management are two core areas of the work of a fire protection officer.

Our experts are always up to date and well informed about (legal) requirements and specifications. Benefit from our extensive experience and the flexibility and scalability of an external service provider.

The specialists at B.W.R. Security GmbH, which is part of the BeeWaTec group of companies, are also trained in particular to test BeeWaTec products and solutions in terms of security technology.

Services Occupational safety, inspection of shelving, inspection of hold-open systems, fire protection officer

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